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Free eBook

Click to download this free 30-page eBook on the Five Decisions Factors in Texas Hold'em Poker. It has tables and figures that illustrate the facts you need to know to play Hold'em successfully. The booklet is packed with tips and includes unique 3-D figures that show the combined effects of starting cards, number of players and position on profits. The data analyzed is taken from over 100 million actual online poker hands. Here is the Table of Contents and the List of Table and Figures for the booklet.


The Five Decision Factors 2
Math Concepts for Poker 4
Your Cards 7
Your Position 13
Number of Players 19
Pot Odds 20
Opponents’ Playing Styles 27

Tables and Figures

Frequencies of Starting Hands 8
Strength Categories of Starting Hands 9
Frequencies of Selected Starting Hands 9
Expected Values of Starting Hands* 10
Playing Positions 14
The Effect of Position on Pairs 15
The Effect of Position on "Ace-Face" 16
The Effect of Position on Connected Suitors 17
Position Recommendations for Starting Hands 18
Odds for Multiple Pocket Pairs 19
Probabilities on the Flop for Five-Card Hands 22
Probabilities for an Overcard on the Flop 23
Probabilities for Improving a Hand 24
Minimum Pot Size for Correct Pot Odds 26